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A-level Syllabuses

I assume that you want to get the best grade you possibly can with the minimum of effort! Getting a good grade is rather like playing a game with your examiners – in which they make up the rules (and occasionally change them). You aren't going to win unless you know those rules.

Before you do anything else:

How to Download a Your Syllabus

Finding your way to the right syllabus

Most of the following links take you to the front page of each of the websites. In most cases, you will then have to find your own way to your syllabus. This is because these sites are liable to change.

Be aware that the syllabuses are called by various names.

In the A-level system they are known as specifications. You want GCE Advanced and Advanced Subsidiary (A and AS) Chemistry.

In Scotland they are known as Arrangements Documents.

Finding the syllabuses is usually straightforward – finding other information may take you longer!

The A-level Exam Boards

Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers

International Baccalaureate

Problems Reading the Syllabus?

Syllabuses are normally available only in pdf format. You need software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to access it.

If you need a new version of Acrobat Reader, use this link: