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About ChemKey


ChemKey is an adaptation of the highly-popular ChemGuide; further details about ChemGuide and the author, Jim Clark, can be found here.

As the site grows, you may notice more graphical content, more interactivity and a greater emphasis on self-testing materials, which are also suitable for the classroom.

The entire website is now mobile-friendly and print-friendly. Try it out!

There will inevitably be teething issues, and some pages may not appear properly, images may be scaled incorrectly etc.
I apologise and welcome criticism and feedback.

Nathan March

Getting in Touch

ChemKey is produced under the umbrella of ShoutEducation, so the best way to provide feedback is to email

Copying from this Site

Content sourced from ChemGuide may be reused as per Jim Clark's own specifications:

You may use the information on this site in any way you wish – including making multiple copies for other people's use – provided that:

  • You make clear where the information came from
  • Nobody makes any financial gain from it

All additional content (CSS, JavaScript etc.) is the property of Shout Education, unless otherwise stated.

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